About Curly

Cory Jones also known as ATM Curly is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Curly has a very unique and diverse style. He creates music encompassing story telling, grit, and shoulder moving vibes. "Pisces" a single that went viral in 2019 on Instagram had over 300,000 streams in it's first year. "Ride With Me" also had over 1.2 million streams in it's first year of release in 2019. His song "MVP" was also featured in an official NBA (National Basketball Association)  and WBNA promo commercial. Collectively ATM Curly has amassed over 1.9 million streams in his official debut in 2019. Production is where Curly credits his motivation while making hits. "I try not to shy away from making any type of music. I wouldn't say I have a particular style I'm most comfortable with. Give me a country song and I'm gonna run it like any other track." Curly stands strong as an artist on his team of collectives "After The MIllions" or "ATM" as an acronym. His motivation stems from real life experiences both past and present. From his younger brother being a victim of a violent crime, to his best friends being incarcerated Curly has a lot to share with the world. The style, the image, and the hair all give Curly a way to separate himself from the competition. He has partnered with L.L.L. Management Group owned by his longtime friend/ manager "L.L.L. Mel" also known as Lamel Pearson.

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